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  • Longhua Temple

    Longhua Temple is a historically significant and large-scale ancient temple in the Shanghai area, with a history of over 1,700 years. The name of the temple is derived from the Buddhist scripture that recounts the story of Maitreya Bodhisattva achieving Buddhahood under the Longhua tree.The central

  • Donghai Guanyin Temple

    The Donghai Guanyin Temple is a historically rich Buddhist temple located in the tourist area of Fengxian Bay, on the north bank of Hangzhou Bay at the southern tip of Shanghai, China. The temple was originally established during the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties, with a history of approximatel

  • Donglin Temple

    Donglin Temple is a famous temple located in Zhujing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, in the southwest of the city. Originally named Guanyin Hall, it

  • Sheshan National Forest Park

    Sheshan National Forest Park is located in the southwestern suburbs of Shanghai, within the Songjiang District. The park is known for its dense pine and bamboo forests and beautiful scenery.

  • Shanghai Haiwan National Forest Park

    Shanghai Haiwan National Forest Park was initially established in May 1999, covering an area of 1065.1 hectares (16000 acres), with an east-west length of 5.3 kilometers and a north-south width of 2 kilometers. It is the third 4A-level national forest park in Shanghai

  • Shanghai Botanical Garden

    Shanghai Botanical Garden is conveniently located near Shanghai South Railway Station and Shanghai South Bus Station. The garden is a verdant oasis, h

  • Gucun Park

    Gucun Park is a large park located in the northern suburbs of Shanghai. The park is lush with flora and is a popular destination for local residents f

  • Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park

    Binjiang Forest Park is located at the northwest end of Gaoqiao Town in Pudong, facing the Paotaiwan Wetland Forest Park across the river at the mouth

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  • Kathleen's Waitan K

    Our store's specialty cuisinePistachio cake, Girado No.2 oyster, Angus raw thin beef slices, deep sea cod, pre dinner bread, mushroom soup, salmon tat

  • Oriental Pearl Sky Revolving Restaurant

    Restaurant IntroductionThe Oriental Pearl TV Tower Revolving Restaurant, also known as the 273 meter Sky Revolving Restaurant, is located in the pink

  • Pudong Ritz Carlton Hotel · Jinxuan Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurant IntroductionThe restaurant is located on the 53rd floor, offering a panoramic view of the Pudong skyline from a high altitude. The interior

  • ろぎ Kurogi 黑木

    Restaurant IntroductionThe restaurant was personally designed by architect Kengo Kuma, with rich lines creating a multi-dimensional visual sense. The

  • Shanghai Tan Restaurant

    Introduction to Shanghai Tan RestaurantThe world's first brand concept restaurant of Shanghai Tan, China's first avant-garde luxury fashion brand, has